Sunday, September 12, 2010

Staring up the old beast yet again....

Well, a long time has passed since I've made an entry on the Steampunk Travelogue, which is both good and bad.  Bad in the sense of neglecting this little blog, but good as there have been many changes due to a cacophony of things in SL.  A few locales have gone, a few have surfaced, but the stalwarts have remained.  

For the time being, here are locations in the Steamlands, circa 2010...
Caledon / Winterfell / Zeppelinheim (Still going strong, even after LL is played "evil land manipulator" with sims in 2009-2010)
New Babbage (Expanded a bit, but still the center of Steampnk in SL)
Steelhead (The home of Gas Lamp Fantasy in SL)
Steeltopia (The Emperor has expanded his empire)
Mieville (This quiet locale is up to eight sims)*
Nevaria (Alice in Wonderland RP with a strong Steampunk element)

Some sims that have departed since the last entry...
Rivet Town (Derezzed prior to the last entry, but notable enough to include yet a second time)
Victoriana (Derezzed due to LL mis-managment, but still around...)
Airship Caravan (A floating entity - one of my personal favorites by a Japanese fellow)
The Atlas Club (A well done Steampunk club, now gone...)
Opus Free Port (Another outstanding build, gone as well)
Plunder / Civvies Skyport (relocated to the ground, with less Steampunk, imo)
Belhaven (Now a rainforest)
Syberia (A floating European Steampunk sim, sadly gone)

Some new sims since the last entry...
Nemo (Mr. Sextan's amazing build)
NeoVictoria (Home of the Steampunk Machima)
UnZipped (Tesla Isle)
Haven (A brand new Steampunk sim)
BlakOpal's Corporate Headquarters
New Bruinswick
Stainless Steam

A few Steampunk Locales (not full sims, but still substantial destinations in the genre)...
The Golden Oriole
Engine Steampunk Colony
The Riot Act Steampunk Club
The Steampunk Emporium
SteamForge's new locaiotn
The Stempunk Villiage Marketplace
M'Lady Designs (Corporate headquarters)

A few new Dieselpunk Sims...
Berlin 1920 (Now with a dedicated sim down the line...)
Seraph City (The first dedicated Dieselpunk sim in SL)
Black Dissidia (New to me...I'll have to pay it a visit!)