Friday, July 1, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Sybirya, Derezzed 2008

Front courtyard of Sybirya

[Ed. Note: Sybriya was the brain-child of an exceptionally talented Miss Cleamtide Oyen, who built this gem at the time (back in '08), which if I recall accurately, catered to an Euro-centric Steampunk crowd.  Very inviting and enjoyable, as she was a talented DJ, but alas, as things happen in SL, it was simply "gone" one day.  Sad, but at least Sybiya has its outpost in the pages of the Travelogue.]

During my explorations of SL, I happened upon a very unique Steampunk build, with many of the classic Steampunk elements that I have seen in the past, but... with a tinge of a difference. Aside from the music (more along the lines of industrial and/or techno, depending on your definition), and familiar touches of JD Steampunk architecture, I realized what exactly the difference was - no English!

The lounge across from the bar - nicely done and quite spacious

As I wandered around the arrival courtyard, I was approached by a pair of nice young ladies of Italian origin, and one of them, a Miss G. Broome, offered to show me around the sky mansion (it certainly was not a box!)

She explained, as I followed, that Sybirya was a new entity, owned by one of the best known Italian SL DJ's, Miss Cleamtide Oyen. Her vision was to have a destination that was more than just a "club", but a platform to display further works of art and design, in a Steampunk / Victorian / Fantasy setting.

I was ushered onto the main dance floor, where (to the best of my limited French), a good crowd was busy enjoying the playlist and the company.

The game room (the Una game table is to the center left), overlooking the equally large dance floor

I was invited to engage in a game of Una (Uno - but regardless the name, I was still terrible at it), and after being soundly beaten by Miss Broome and her companion, they bid me good night, as it was about 4am CET (Central European Time - Italy, naturally), and only about 10 EST (for myself).

A stunning view of Sybirya's back courtyard (the walkway is just below)

I took the opportunity to explore this magnificent build further, and must admit, was quite impressed with the design and effort, especially with the attention to detail paid to the the Steampunk nuances. (I must admit, I have never seen a SL Steampunk washroom... until I arrived at Sybirya)!

The elegant washroom - with spa included!

Later, I attempted to meet up with the charming Miss Oyen herself, and happened to catch her during the end of one of her sets. She tp'ed me to her location, and frankly I had never seen as many avatars in one location since Gvr. Shang tried to crash a sim last year on purpose (to test its supporting capacity, if I recall correctly). Her associate had stated she was popular, but Miss Broome obviously had a gift for understatement!

Overlooking the distance from the Control Center

Due to technical difficulties, we were not able to conclude our interview, but with a bit of luck, perhaps in the future I shall be able to impose on her for more details about her vision of Sybirya.

[One note, however - she does operate on CET, which is about six hours ahead of EST, and nine ahead of SLT. If you wish to catch one of her impressive concerts, please take this into account... and take your Babbler along, just in case!

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