Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Steampunk Merchants: BlakOpal Designs (Gentlemen's Attire)

Entrance to the main store

To start off the series of Steampunk Travelogue locations, I'll begin with some locales that I am personally familiar.  Starting off is one of my favorites, Blak Opal, actually has its own extensive Steampunk-themed sim, with a vast selection of Steampunk and piratical attire (covering a wide-range of Steampunk and associated endeavors).  

First floor, menswear (Piratically speaking!)

The BlakOpal mainstore is divided into two main areas, (gentlemen on one side, ladies on the other), but surrounding the mainstore are a large selection of supplemental shops and unique Steampunk builds.  The entire sim merits its own entry in the Steampunk Travelogue, but for the time being, I did wish to highlight one of the best stores to help those who are interested in the genre get their start.

Second floor, mens' Steampunk attire

The lovely Miss BlakOpal Galicia, (and her dashing business associate, Mr. Trilobyte Zanzibar) have provided  large selection of attire and additional items to not only provide a wide variety of men's (and ladies') wear, but also provide a free starter set of attire (for both men and ladies), and a physics package (for those interested).  By all means, BlakOpal Designs most certainly merits a visit from anyone involved with the Steamlands!  For more information, please visit this beautiful locale, at:

The SL Marketplace aether link is:

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