Saturday, January 19, 2013

Steampunk Merchants: Pearse'd & Cut (Gentlemen's Attire)

The spectacular entrance to Pearse'd & Cut

An iconic stalwart of the Steamlands, Mr. E. Pearse's endeavor, Pearse'd and Cut resides in the lovely sim of Babbage Palisades.  As an avid member of the Steamlands, Mr. Pearse has a lengthy involvement with the Steamlands, including a wide selection of genre militaria, and by far the best selection of kilts with appropriate Steamlands tartan patterns (and matching ladies' dresses).

An excellent selection of Steamland militaria is available at Pearse'd and Cut!

Paying excruciating attention to detail, Mr. Pearse not only fashions attire, but the small, every day details that add color and panache to a virtual Steampunk existence, such as gentlemen's shaving accessories, outstanding footwear, and a few firearms as well!

A Steamlands "must-visit" location for men's attire (as well as noted repository of the SL Steamlands history), do stop by at his grounds, located at:

Do pay a visit to Pearse'd & Cuts SL Marketplace locale, found at : .  Also, do visit his outstanding blog, Through the Filter of a Victorian Aesthetic, located at:

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