Sunday, January 6, 2013

Steampunk Travelogue: 1888

I often make a point of visiting sims in SL (when researching for the Steampunk Travelogue and the Steampunk Tribune) using an alt known only to a few.  The reasons are two-fold - first, it allows me to go incognito (so to speak), so that have the ability to wander around a sim as a "generic face", and obtain a "feel" for what the locale is like.  Secondly, it provides an opportunity to gauge how newcomers are received in a sim, be it in a friendly manner, ignored  or in some other manner.  

A ship docked on the residential area of 1888.

Sadly, while documenting 1888, a fellow with mutton chops, who appears to be a representative of the endeavor, approached me and began with a bit of a chiding for taking photos, informing me the sim was an RP location, and questioning my presence.  I will note the 1888 is not a closed sim (one can easily TP to the destination, hence, not "closed" to visitors), nor did the arrival notecard mention any limitations on photographs, so the diatribe seems misplaced as there were no notations regarding said activities.  The fellow was quite un-cordial in manner, to put it tactfully, so I bit my tongue , excused myself, and moved along.  As there was no specific limitations regarding the arrival or presence of visitors on the sim (especially ones who keep to themselves, as I was doing), I was a tad confused regarding this lecture, but perhaps they have had some issues in the past with some unsavory persons in the past.

The texturing for this version of Big Ben is a tad disappointing.

The "warm welcome" aside, I did impose upon a second party to take a stroll with me as my main av, and see if they concurred with assertion of the sim (to ensure that any negative bias was not out of line).  Essentially, the build is certainly in era theme, and the city itself is nicely laid out (reminiscent of Chicago 1920's format, with a side "street" housing larger plots).  However, the builds themselves were a bit on the average side (texture-wise), and a few notable works (such as the "Big Ben", above), were not done well (e.g. better renditions of Big Ben are available on SL Marketplace).  I did see some random RP, but nothing along the lines depths of Goatswood, the Steamlands, or akin to the extent of many Gor sims.

Serviceable Brownstones for rent.

A bit surprised at the build quality of the sim, as there are a plethora of new and more detailed Steampunk / Victorian builds available on SL.  However, the sim management places an emphasis on role play, per their website and arrival notecard.  Still, from my experience to the sim, do not expect a friendly welcome to 1888, lest you also receive a chiding from a sim representative for visiting - or to paraphrase the saying from my old Navy days, "your presence (as a visitor) is neither required nor desired".

For the sake of completeness, their website location is:

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