Sunday, September 22, 2013

Steampunk Destinations: The Clockwork Spiral

The more I write about the Gothic realms, the more I've become aware of its intersection with Steampunk (my previous in-depth genre).  While searching about for the "master list" of dark realms for SL, I came across an  interesting  destination - the Clockwork Spiral.

The central airship / dance locale, hosted by Gothica

The Clockwork Spiral is not only a very nicely done floating city, but its also benefits the National Kidney Foundation - an extremely worthy cause!  With a plethora of unique Steampunk and Gothic products - many of which are special limited editions by outstanding designers, one can lose track of time at this locale.

The wide streets of the Clockwork Spiral - ready for your shopping  adventures!

Unfortunately, I learned of this endeavor rather later (e.g. yesterday evening), so do consider visiting today (Sunday, the 22nd of September), as once the clock ticks to midnight, the sim will be gone!

Nicely enhanced facial additions for sale at the Contraption store

To learn more - or better yet, pay a visit and indulge in some retail therapy, please consider visiting at the following SLurl:

... or visit their webpage at: 

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