Saturday, September 28, 2013

Steampunk Destinations: The Flying City of Lilith

As I return to reviewing Steampunk locales in Second Life, not only have I found some perennial favorites gone (e.g. Armada), but new ones cropping up.  A bit of research can provide intriguing results...

View of the Flying City (c. of

Additionally, two new factors seem to have emerged in SL Steampunk - a focus on formalized RP, and an infusion of more fantasy aspects into Steampunk (specifically "magic", but there are other varients.

One said destination is the Flying City of Lilith - a skyborne city with supernatural entities and roleplay dynamics.  Alas, upon visiting a number of times, the sim seemed a bit desolate, and a trip to their forums showed the last entry was at least one month ago (August '13).  I'm a tad  concerned that interaction on the locale may be limited, but please do consider a visit, enjoy the atmosphere, and make your own judgement, at:

The interior of the Cherry Pie Gentleman's Club

Or their main sim website, located at:

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