Saturday, October 19, 2013

Icons of New Babbage: The Lotus of the Sea (Vernian Sea)

New Babbage is well known for its amazing skyline, but the Vernian sea hides an amazing seascape, replete with amazing builds and fascianting locales to explore.  One such location is the stunning Lotus of the Sea!

Interior of the Lotus, with a beautiful mermaid chandelier gracing its stairwell

One of the oldest and noted locales in the Vernain, its is (full disclosure) owned by my partner, Ms. Breezy Carver-Fabre, after the original owner left.  After an unfortunate trolling incident, the Lotus was rebuilt in 2011 (to my recollection).  

Ms. Carver-Fabre's Writing desk, where she pens her blog

If one happens to be in the tubes below the Vernian Sea (accessible from the southern end of Port Babbage), do consider a visit to the Lotus... or one can simply take a convenient  shortcut, located here:

One unique feature of the Lotus is its ability to open and close
(for those high sea-states...!)

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Gunner Hildebrand said...

New Babbage looks like a cool spot! It would definitely be fun to visit the Lotus too. I've never really ventured too deep into SL, but this looks very intriguing.

Gunner @ Cheap Steampunk