Sunday, October 6, 2013

Steampunk locations as of late 2013

New Babbage City Hall, circa December of 2012

I'm in the process of updating a "master list" of Steampunk locations in Second Life.  Most Steamland locations are known to the general populace, but there are always hidden gems if one does look!  Also, the locations will generally be for what I might call the "capital" sim for a Steampunk entity, if there is more than one sim as part of the destination.  For now, here are the locales....

Main Destinations
The below listed locations are the most visited locations in the "Steamlands" (the  conglomeration of Steampunk sims in Second Life).  Not a complete list, mind you, but its a start - I'll be on the lookout for more destinations!...

Independent State of Caledon (Caledon Victoria City)


Haven Township (Solice Haven)

Mieville (Mieville Doyle)

Neo-Victoria (Neo Victoria)

New Babbage (Babbage Square)

Realm of Terra

Rosser's Landing

Serenity Falls

Steelhead   (Steelhead)

Stainless Steam


Steampunk Merchants List
 - The list below encompasses Steampunk merchants that have either an entire, or a majority of a sim.  There is a plethora of Steampunk merchants in SL, but for now, I am simply listing the larger locations...

BlakOpal (BlakOpal - Merchant)

Mytheopia (The Curious Prim - Merchant)

Steamed Custard (Custard Development - Merchant)

Steam Powered Nuts (Steam Powered Nuts, Inc. - Merchant)

Tesla Isle (Unzipped - Merchant)

As is always the case, if any readers have any new locations, please feel free to leave a comment!

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