Tuesday, September 22, 2015

... and back after literally a few years.

Shocking!  Yes, an actual entry to a SL Steampunk blog.  However, the circumstances are unfortunatly not good.  As I was searching around for some other endeavors I've been working on, I came across the sad news one of the Second Life Standard bearers of Steampunk, the wonderful Steelhead sims, are quite likely to close at the end of September, 2015.  A good deal has changed since I shuttered my old blog (The Steampunk Tribune), and I don't nearly visit SL as much as I used to visit, due to that damnable RL, but learning of this development was disappointing.  

The rational for Mr. T. Eclipse's decision are quite understandable (and much better covered by those with active media presence in SL), but at the very least a note of this impressive sim heading to the ether most certainly merited mention in this corner of the internet.  For more details, please visit:

The New Worlds Notes :

Additional insights at SL Newser:

Inara Pey's Blog:

Journey to the Center of the Metaverse:

... and the Steelhead Flickr Feed, at:

Though no longer blogging about SL Steampunk, I'll endeavor to keep this particular page up.  Few things are sadder than the departure of a location, be it Real Life or Second Life, passing into the mist... like the proverbial "tears in rain".  However, at the very least, I can preserve their steamy memory here.

((If you have the opportunity, do stop by, and take a few photos of Steelhead, before its gone.))